We are excited to announce our new 2019 Summer Staff Team!

Summer Staff

While the length of service and levels of responsibility vary, each one of the summer staff contributes to the overall experience of our campers. We are grateful for each one!

Summer Program Director: Kyle Klassen

Summer Team:
• Matthew Chin: Worship Coordinator
• Andrew Dyck: Waterfront Manager
• Mark Mitchell: Male Section Head
• Michael Reimer: Special Events Coordinator
• Emily Schroeder: Female Section Head

Core Staff:
• Rachel Abrahams: Day Camp Director
• Ruth Dedman: Tuck Shop Manager
• Noah Grant: Kitchen Assistant
• Lauren Hesp: Facilities Manager
• Larissa Klassen: Wrangler
• Rachel Moss: Horse Program Director
• Aidan Tallman: Dining Hall Host

Summer Staff:
• Hannah Aresnault: Cabin Leader/Craft Coordinator
• Spencer Blanchette: Archery/Food Service
• Hannah Bourne: Videographer/Food Service
• Carolyn Coon: Day Camp/Lifeguard
• Thomas Coon: Cabin Leader/Program
• Duncan Cruickshank: Cabin Leader/Lifeguard
• Jamie Current: Cabin Leader
• James Dedman: Cabin Leader
• Scott Falk: Ropes Instructor
• Jordan Gabriele: Cabin Leader
• Matt Gay: Cabin Leader/Program/Support
• Laura Gobbels: Food Service/Wrangler
• Trinity Grant: Wrangler
• Josie Heeney: Ski/Wake Instructor
• Mollie Heeney: Cabin Leader/Day Camp/Lifeguard
• Sam Herrle: Cabin Leader/Program/Support
• Mitchell Ianiero: Cabin Leader/Program/Support
• Josh Janzen: Cabin Leader/Lifeguard
• Alex Johnson: Canoe/Kayak Instructor
• Eva Jones: Cabin Leader/Lifeguard/Support
• Ben Klassen: Cabin Leader
• Nathaniel Larkin: Cabin Leader
• Kira Neuman: Cabin Leader/Lifeguard
• Grayson Peters: Cabin Leader/Day Camp/Support
• David Reimer: Biking Instructor/Cabin Leader
• Zoe Reimer: Cabin Leader/Support
• Aleah Sawatzky: Cabin Leader/Support
• Chloe Starra: Cabin Leader/Craft Coordinator
• Hasana Tombs: Food Service
• Kezia Wilson: Cabin Leader/Lifeguard

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