Board of Directors

Back Row:  L-R, Ed Heinrichs, Wes Wiens, Jim Doornbos, Brenda Reimer, Andrew Hiebert
Front Row:  L-R, James Dueckman, Ben Lockyer, Rachel Krause, Matt Peters, Greg Reed

Camp Crossroads Board members are responsible for the effective governance of Camp Crossroads. Board members will review necessary information, ask pertinent questions, participate in discussion and share in the decision making process. Board members will be committed to maintaining a clear governance role.

Qualified Board members must have leadership or board experience.  Having significant experience in a particular vocational or professional area may also qualify someone to serve on the board.
Competencies: The competencies and commitments required for board membership include:
A. Commitment to mission of Camp Crossroads,  clear communication, objectivity in decision making
B. Conceptual thinking and independent thinking, effective judgment
C. Accountability, interdependence, stewardship
D. Willing to build consensus, integrity, self-awareness and self-esteem
In Relation to the Mission of the Camp Crossroads and its Purposes:
Mission Statement: Be in agreement with the Camp Crossroads Mission Statement and be willing to become familiar enough with the programs to articulate its purpose in various contexts.
Promotion: Seek out opportunities, and respond to opportunities  to advocate for the needs of Camp Crossroads and share the Vision of the Camp, its programs and needs. Motivation: Be available to speak in various settings in keeping with one’s gifts and opportunities. To be an advocate for the Camp in one’s local church and in the community.
Prayer: Be committed to intercessory prayer for the Camp, its programs, staff and participants.
Relationships: Maintain a positive relationship with Camp Staff, Board members and constituency.
Finances: Be committed to supporting the fundraising efforts of the Camp through donations, involvement and/or advocacy.
In Relation to the Board and its Activities:
Orientation: Participate in an orientation program to become familiar with the bylaws, governance manual and strategic plan of Camp Crossroads.
Attendance: The expectation is that board members attend all meetings of the Board of Directors. In the event that they are unable to attend they will notify the chair. Preparation: To come to board meetings prepared by having read minutes, reports, and other documents provided to each board member in advance of the meeting.
Participation: To make a commitment to openly share ideas, opinions, and insights at board meetings so as to make a positive contribution to the board process and to the decisions at hand.
Committees: Be willing to serve on a committee when asked.

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