Summer Staff 2018

Camp Crossroads is now hiring staff for the 2018 Summer Camp season!

Our staff model has been updated so please take note of the explanations and job descriptions below.  

Applications may be submitted on-line by clicking on the red button.

  Summer Staff Applications

SUMMER PROGRAM DIRECTOR [click to download full job description]:  Responsible to lead the Summer Staff within a well-organized structure that provides effective quality control for our summer programs as well as encourages future program development.

In the past, we have advertised positions under the umbrella of Summer Team or Bridge Staff as a means of identifying staff roles.  However, as our programs continue to develop, we recognize the need to review and clarify these terms.

For this reason, we are eliminating the title of “Bridge” from our staff vocabulary in favour of the title “Summer Staff”.  Essentially, anyone who is hired to serve as a cabin leader, program leader or in a support role for 8-10 weeks will be known as Summer Staff according to the role you are hired for.

The Summer Staff positions are [click to download job description]:
Archery Instructor
Cabin Leader
Canoeing/Kayaking Instructor
Crafts Coordinator
Day Camp Staff
Food Services
Laundry Services
Ropes Instructor
Ski/Wake Instructor

Core = a small group of indispensable persons

We recognize that we truly could not run the programs at Camp without the entire Summer Staff team.  We also recognize that there are those individuals who provide additional leadership within the Summer Staff team and are given extra responsibility for people, programs or in support roles.  These individuals will be known as the Core Summer Staff and while their roles vary in the length of service and the types of responsibilities they carry, they all require greater leadership skills and experience than is expected of the other Summer Staff.

The Core Summer Staff positions are [click to download job description]:
Day Camp Director
Dining Hall Host_Hostess
Horse Program Director-Horse Management
Horse Program Director-Lead Instructor
Kitchen Assistant
LIT Directors
Maintenance Assistant
Reception_Registration Admin
Tuck Shop Manager
Summer Team*

Summer Team is a specialized group of Core Summer Staff who provide senior leadership to our Overnight and Family Camp programs.  Because these two programs demand the greatest amount of planning and oversight, these positions require a greater commitment to leadership and responsibility.  Summer Team positions are all 16 weeks from May 6-Sept 1, 2018.

The Summer Team positions are [click to download job description]:
Female and Male Section Heads
Special Events Coordinator
Waterfront Manager
Worship Coordinator

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