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Please note that all fees listed are in Canadian funds.

*NEW* Bus Information Below for 2017

Busing is available from *St.Catharines (see below for details) and The Mississauga Area (401 & Hurontario St.) for the six summer kids & youth camps:

  • *NEW* in 2017 – St.Catharines site:  Southridge Community Church, 201 Glenridge Avenue, St.Catharines  (Google Maps Link) There will no longer be a bus pick-up in Vineland.
  • Mississauga Site: MTO Carpool Lot (same location as 2016)
    At the new lot at approximately 6250 Hurontario St, Mississauga.  There is no actual civic address but this is the location in Google maps of the lotDirections: From 401 Westbound take Hurontario Exit (342) As you reach Hurontario the lot is directly across
    From 401 Eastbound take Hurontario Exit and turn left on Hurontario, cross over 401 and lot is immediately on your left.
  • Cost is $80 for a round trip. (incl. tax)  $40 for one way trip.
  • All buses leave at 1:00 pm sharp on Sundays
  • Please arrive to load luggage at 12:30 pm
  • Saturday return times are approximately 12:30 for St.Catharines and 11:30 for Mississauga.  (All times are traffic dependent)
  • There is no refund when cancelling less than 14 days prior to your child’s arrival at camp. Busing arrangements cannot be changed once camper is at camp.
  • New in 2017: You can log into your Registration Account at any time and add a bus option to your camper registration.  Should you need to cancel a reservation, you’ll need to contact the Camp Office, and there will be a $5 admin fee applied even if it occurs more than 14 days before Camp.
  • Mountain bikes cannot be taken on the bus.
  • Please bring only 2 pieces of luggage per camper.

Sunday Drop Off, Check-In &  Saturday Pickup 

  • Campers being driven to camp can be checked in any time after 2:30 pm and should arrive before 5:00 pm
  • Please check in at the office to find out cabin assignments, deposit tuck money and drop off your signed medical form with the nurses.
  • Teen and Youth Week campers do not need to check in at the office since all campers will register with their cabins in the evening to hand in tuck money and see the nurses
  • Camp ends on Saturday at 9:00 am.  Campers should be picked up between 9:00-10:00 am.

Deposits & Cancellation Policy

  • Minimum deposit per camper is $200.00, Full payment is due on JUNE 1st (or with registration after June 1st)
  • Cancellation before May 1st – Full Refund, minus $25 admin fee
  • Cancellation on or after May 1st – Full refund, minus $100.00 admin fee
  • Cancellation within 14 day of camp week – Full refund minus $200 deposit
  • Cancellation of bus within 14 days of camp no refund of fees
  • $5 admin fee each time a bus cancellation occurs (even if it occurs more than 14 days before Camp).
  • Paid program choices can be changed up until registration without penalty. No refund if changes made once a camper is at camp.
  • Cancellation fee is waived if a camper cancels due to health issues or injury.

Tuck Money

We encourage you to add a Tuck Deposit to your camper’s account when you register on-line.  This amount will be added to your total owing at registration and can be paid for along with your registration fees.  Any unused portion of this money will be returned to the camper in cash at the end of the week.   If campers do arrive at camp with cash we will collect and manage it as per usual while they make purchases at the Tuck shop throughout the week. The maximum amount they are allowed to spend daily on food is $4.

Each camper is given the chance to purchase non food items throughout the week.  There are pictures of the various items available on our Camp Store page

Camps in Russia

Each year Camp Crossroads attempts to raise $10,000 to donate in support of camps in Russia. Each week campers will be given a chance to donate a portion of their tuck money to this cause.

Buddy Requests

The only buddy requests that are guaranteed are mutual single name requests. Campers can request more than one buddy, but we cannot guarantee multiple requests. We try to honour all requests, but in reality, the complexity of multiple requests often makes it impossible.

Guidelines for Dress

Camp Crossroads is a Christian co-ed camp and expects campers and staff to wear appropriate clothing. We believe that the following guidelines are in keeping with Biblical instructions of decency, not offending others and striving to help each other be pure and with out blame. Campers not following these guidelines will be asked to change clothes.

Swim Wear: We request that girls wear one piece bathing suits. If a two piece must be worn we ask that a dark colour t-shirt be worn over top.

For guys swimming shorts must be to the hip and not a “too brief” style.

Tops: Shirts should not display inappropriate language or innuendo. Girls tops are to cover the midriff and no cleavage should be visible. No halter or strapless tops are permitted. These guidelines also apply to banquet dresses.

Shorts/Pants: For guys, clothing needs to be up to the hip, no underwear should be seen.

For girls, shorts are to be at an appropriate length, the shortest being mid thigh. Tight fitting clothes such as spandex, leggings, tights, etc. should not be worn without another piece of clothing that covers to the mid thigh.

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