Descriptions of Accommodations – Family Camps

Grey Gables: This building contains 6 separate motel like units. These units each have sub rooms in them and can sleep different numbers. Each unit has it’s own full bathroom, with tub/shower, are carpeted and have air-conditioning in them.  The smallest units will sleep 4 to 5 people and the largest will sleep as many as 9.  The larger units are now called Grey Gables Suites, the smaller ones Grey Gables rooms.  The Suites have three or four internal bedrooms, and the regular units have two separate sleeping spaces.

Cabins: All the cabins at Camp Crossroads are bunk bed style cabins. They are open style traditional 5 bunk cabins, sleeping up to 11 people. One bottom bunk is a double bed. The primary difference between the three types is as follows:

  • Deluxe Cabins have a full bathroom. This includes toilet, sink and shower.
  • Regular Cabins have only a toilet and sink. Cabins are slightly smaller than the Deluxe Cabins.
  • Rustic Cabins have no bathroom, but are bigger than the other two types of cabins.

Cabins and Rustic Cabins do not have shower facilities, but Camp Crossroads offers three different shower-house locations, all very close to the cabin line. These are also the bathrooms for the Rustic Cabins and are located in close proximity.

Trailer Sites:
We have 10 full service trailer sites. Registration prices include hookup to water, electrical and sewage. These sites are level and will fit most size of trailers, from tent trailers to fifth wheel. Sites are not reserved for the different family weeks, but are first come first serve, for location. For those staying in tent trailers and requiring shower-house/bathrooms, these are located very close by. We do allow families with trailers to also set up tents on the grass close to their site.

Tent Sites: We do not have designated tent sites at Camp Crossroads, but instead have a few areas where typically families will set up. Some families will set up on the grass close to the main shower-house, (near the dining hall). Others will set up on the grass close to the trailer park. In either case there is available power for those that wish to run an extension cord.

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