Family Camp 1 Chapel Speaker: Benjamin Emery

Family Camp 1 Chapel Speaker: Benjamin Emery

Benjamin is the Lead Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Gravenhurst. Growing up he didn’t really attend church and knew little of Jesus. In 2000 he joined the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry looking for purpose and meaning. He found no peace or escape in the army.

During his eleven years of service he deployed to the Middle East on three tours of duty. It was on his third tour in 2006 that he first heard the Holy Spirit’s still small voice. His life had hit rock bottom after many personal failures. Searching for meaning and some sort of Truth he could hold on to he turned to the bible.

In the mountains and desert of Kandahar, Afghanistan, he read words that touched his soul and gave him hope. He read about this Jesus, who was unlike any he had ever heard. Almost a year would pass of Benjamin holding on to the throne of his life until the fall of 2007. There in the basement of his house he cried out for Jesus to save him. Jesus took a lost, confused, mess of a man and made him into a new creation.

Benjamin has a Bachelor of Theology from Emmanuel Bible College. He is married to Rebecca a woman far greater then he deserves. They have 3 wonderful children Estella (15), William (11) and Levi (2). He knows he’s a richly blessed man.

Benjamin’s life is a story of forgiveness, salvation, healing and new life in Christ. He believes there is truly hope for everyone, no matter how lost and broken, in Jesus Christ alone. Benjamin lives to preach the word, train the saints, see the captives set free and families built strong on the foundation of Christ!

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